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Uzumaki manga English scans [All Chapters]

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In the town of Kurouzu-cho, Kirie Goshima lives a fairly normal life with her family. As she walks to the train station one day to meet her boyfriend, Shuuichi Saito, she sees his father staring at a snail shell in an alley. Thinking nothing of it, she mentions the incident to Shuuichi, who says that his father has been acting weird lately. Shuuichi reveals his rising desire to leave the town with Kirie, saying that the town is infected with spirals.

But his father’s obsession with the shape soon proves deadly, beginning a chain of horrific and unexplainable events that causes the residents of Kurouzu-cho to spiral into madness.

Uzumaki Reviews:

As much as it spooked and grossed me out, I couldn’t put it down. Some of the images will stay with you LONG after you’ve read it; I’ll never be able to see a spiral again without flinching. If you’re into horror manga, I highly recommend it.


I read this a LONG time ago, but it is always fresh in my mind. I will not be going into complete detail on the story, or the characters, but will review points in a more general sense.

Uzumaki was awesome. I began reading it with no real expectations. I mean c’mon a manga where people become obsessed with spirals? What’s the appeal? This anime becomes terrifying, and the art (which is perfect in so many ways) makes it a horrific and intense experince.

The manga mainly followed one character, but also the one’s who became obsessed. Sadly the manga begins to lose some appeal because it is not convincing enough to draw you in per se, it seems sort of fake at times. It isn’t bad enough to take away from the manga, but it could have been better in that respect. 

In short, Uzumaki was great. The art was perfect, the story was interesting, and even the characters were interesting. The truth, the ending, and all things that happen in the manga  are just great. 

I read this on a whim almost, and found myself enthralled with Uzumaki and it’s story. I would recommend it and say it is worth the read.

Thanks for reading.


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